The boarding school - education through travel

The boarding school is an integral part of the school and is located in the upper part of the school premises with a spectacular view of Cape Town and world-renowned Table Mountain.
In comparison to other boarding schools our boarding school is small and intimate: there is space for a total of 16 learners (boys and girls). This creates a familiar, warm team spirit and we encourage everybody to participate in mutual dinner and leisure activities, though we also support the independency of each learner.
Some boarding school learners stay at a friend’s house or at a guest family over the weekend to experience different cultures and /or a different language in an everyday context.
Life at the boarding school and integrating in a new environment requires independence, adaptability and responsibility from you. In this you are not alone: our qualified boarding school educators are your constant contact persons for all your concerns and questions.

NEW: The boarding school for local learners

From now on we also offer local learners (learners whose parents reside in South Africa) the opportunity to live in the boarding school. There are two options available: from Monday to Friday or including the weekend.

Boarding school fees